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How BOSSreaders Works

Our research-based online program and personal coaching will accelerate your child's reading growth and increase his or her confidence.

Students who join the BOSS reading gym receive 1 on 1 online personal coaching, and have unlimited access to our interactive reading lessons and the best reading software, Reading Plus.
BOSSreaders Online Lessons


Think P90X for reading. These are 10-20 minute interactive video lessons led by expert reading coach, David Taavialma. During these sessions students record their thoughts and ideas in their personal training journal.  


They learn the 3 BOSS habits:

  • I can Practice Powerfully,

  • I can Motivate Myself

  • I can Coach Myself.   


Time Requirement:

  • 30-40 minutes 1x/week

  • Since the program is self paced if you miss a weekly session, don’t worry. Just continue when you are ready.

Reading Plus Exercises


Reading Plus is the best tool we know to accelerate your child’s reading growth.  It simultaneously develops all three domains of reading- physical, cognitive and emotional- by integrating them in one personalized online reading program. Students can practice their ReadingPlus exercises anytime, anywhere with internet access.


Time Requirement:

  • 25-35 minutes 

  • We recommend scheduling Reading Plus sessions 2-3 times per week, just like a sports practice.

A Personal Reading Coach


This is what makes BOSSreaders different than other computer reading programs or a traditional tutor. Our expert coaches actively monitor and provide individualized feedback to all our students.


Your child’s coach uses a private and safe messaging system to communicate. You can easily track your child’s progress and see his or her growth with Reading Plus data reports.  

Get started today with our free reading assessment.

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